Digital Sign Sales


Digital Sign Sales and Benefits


Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are taking out-of-home advertising to a new level. You the operator will benefit by adding inventory faces without having to add structures. Digital billboards offer a quicker ROI that allow you to increase revenue at a faster pace.

Why Digital? Let your customers see the benefits:

Flexible – Customized creative to meet time-sensitive needs, compliments the outdoor campaign already in place.

Efficient – No waiting for print production. Approved creative is uploaded into the schedule, with Dynamic and Conditional Content creative changes are done in real time.

Timely – With digital let the creative message or product you are selling now be the last word in the buying cycle. Set up Conditional Content for real time schedule that change as conditions do.

High Reach – Place your digital unit in high traffic locations to reach the audience where they live, work and play.

High Frequency – With the best placement of your digital unit you can expect repeated exposures for increased impact.

Digital Business – Electronic Message Centers

Why add an LED Electronic Message Center for your business? Simple, to increase your daily revenue. The information below is from the Small Business Administration.

For businesses that choose to enhance their signage with an electronic message display, the owners typically see an increase in business of 15% to 150%. Using the smaller number, consider the following example:

A small business generating $1,000.00 a day in total revenue adds an electronic message center. The business soon increases by 15%, adding another $150 per day in total revenue. That translates into and additional $1,050.00 a week in revenue, or $54,600.00 per year.

• Increased Sales
• Cost Effective
• Presents Professional image
• Communicate effectively
• Unlimited messages/ads
• Salesman on the street